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Kenny Ingle Portrait, Horizontal, 2021-211542.jpg

For as long as I can remember, I have been connected to visual arts and storytelling.


The captivation began as a young child when my mother, who wanted to keep me occupied, would place me in front of the television to watch late 1960’s soap operas, talk shows, and movies of the week. My teenage years found me engrossed with the movie theater and the impactful stories that unfolded within those darkened rooms. I then buried myself in art classes during high school and felt most comfortable within the photography class darkrooms which were bathed in red light.


In 1988 my professional career began and centered around commercial advertising and corporate communications where I had much success as a cameraman, director, and producer - I have always place “visual excellence” as the highest of priorities. I'm most proud of a quote that came from the owner of a small ad agency that I interned at while still in school. When asked by the creative director if he would consider hiring me he replied, “No, all he wants to do is make pretty pictures”.


Yes, I do.


I'm obsessed with using photography to tell a story, set a mood, convey an opinion, or to connect with you in some way. I shoot both locally in my hometown of Ann Arbor, MI and I travel the world in search of what may be around the next corner. Street, nature, portraiture, documentary, and sports action photography are a handful of genres that keep me motivated.


I shoot both on film and digitally depending on what feels “right’ and the equipment you’ll find me using is everything from inexpensive, light-leaking plastic cameras to the latest digital technologies. I'll find a way to make the scene worth documenting with whatever camera I may have in my hands.

Please reach out and say, hello. I'd love to talk in more detail.

- Kenny.

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